The end of Flash for web designers?

On the 8th of November 2011, an email containing information on Adobe’s decision was leaked to the world, vindicating everything Steve Jobs knew about Flash. The Flash player is to be substituted by HTML 5, a change that has been slowly gathering momentum over the past number of years. We believe that the Flash Player has reached its end.

When the Internet and its entire associated media became available to mobile phones and smart devices globally, video production began to throw up many problems. Because of the variety of screens and platforms available, it became almost impossible for software publishers to come up with a reasonable solution. Adobe Flash Player became the quick solution. However with time, Flash just wasn’t a viable option. More of a temporary fix, the flash player was buggy, consumed too much energy and pushed processing units to their limits. Even on PC’s and laptops the Flash player raised some issues, and somehow it never seemed to be the fault of the Flash Player, or at least, that is what they led us to believe.

This decision from Adobe seems to admit the contrary. Steve Jobs on his “ Thoughts on Flash” article, posted online on April 2010, mentioned how Flash was the cause for the Apple crash; how Flash is proven to be one of the least safe pieces of software on the market and mainly (and most importantly) how flash was not compatible or remotely prepared for touch. Adobe never seemed to grasp how important touch would become to the world of technology and I’m guessing they didn’t see their decline quite as clearly as Steve Jobs did. Sure, there had been tablets previously but they never made an impact on the market like the iPad. Tablets have become more popular than ever. The reality is that the Flash Player simply became defunct and Adobe simply wouldn’t hold their hands up and admit it was time to say goodbye. Until now.

Flash was initially designed for PCs that used a mouse. There was never a Flash player designed for Mac, so we can understand Mr. Jobs frustration, when users installing Flash on his Macs simply compromised the integrity of his product. Adobe Flash player dominated the market in such a way many of our own clients at CYTONE TECHNOLOGIES used to insist that Flash be used on thier new websites. Adobe also had the power to dictate to big companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

The time has now come for Adobe to forget all the “we are doing the best we can to improve performance of Flash player on your mobile phone” and to invest in HTML 5 which seems the only viable solution for now. This would seem to be a victory for Apple predominantly, in reality everyone has won, all smart phone users, whatever the OS, will benefit from this decision.