Think of website hosting as property. It’s almost like a virtual piece of land, that once purchased is owned for a certain amount of time. Without website hosting, your website is useless. Where would you put your website if you didn’t have fast hosting? The answer is you couldn’t put it anywhere. You need fast hosting to store your website so it connects to your domain.

Now that we’ve discovered what hosting is, let’s differentiate between the fastest hosting and reliable hosting companies out there.

Fast Hosting

Fast hosting is what we do as you will need a fast server to process your website whether it be a static 5 page web designed site or a large ecommerce site which needs a fast processor and lots of memory and CYTONE TECHNOLOGIES can provide it no problems. You may be looking for a good hosting company and you have found it with us.

Our hosting packages come with statistics and Cpanel hosting, and lots of other goodies like free scripts. Many cheap hosting companies put many websites on one server but not us. In order to keep your hosting fast and reliable with 99.99% uptime you have to make sure that its top web space and very fast webspace too.

So that’s domain names. Now for hosting company. It does not take a rocket scientist to work out what actual webspace is then. It is the webspace used to hold your website, including your website design, website and content and pretty much everything related to your web designers.

Compare Hosting

We can compare the best prices for reliable hosting. Can we arrange it? Yes we will find you the fastest hosting in the SA package and control everything from the domain, to the fast hosting itself. Just take a look at our prices page.

Hosting companies

Go ahead and purchase hosting from a hosting company. CYTONE TECHNOLOGIES is a fast hosting company with lots of webspace ready for you our valued client.